Effect of Oil and Water in Air on Carbon Molecular Sieve of Nitrogen Generator


  Since the air contains a certain amount of water and oil vapor, after passing through the compressor, if it is not subjected to strict air purification treatment, the oil vapor is easily absorbed by the carbon molecular sieve and is difficult to desorb. The pore size of the carbon molecular sieve in the nitrogen generator is filled, which causes Carbon molecular sieve "poisoning" failure. Therefore, setting a strict air purification device before compressed air enters the adsorption tower of the nitrogen generator is an indispensable part to ensure the service life of the carbon molecular sieve of the nitrogen generator. Although water is not fatal to the carbon molecular sieve of the nitrogen generator, it will increase the adsorption "load" of the carbon molecular sieve of the nitrogen generator, that is, affect the ability of the nitrogen generator to adsorb O2 and CO2. Therefore, compressed air is dried to remove water. The adsorption capacity and stability of carbon molecular sieve of nitrogen generator cannot be ignored.
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